Dov Hoz Community Center

Dov Hoz Community Center

Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality
Interior Design / Branding / Interior Branding / Visual Language System / Visual Communication Design.

A completely new community center, built after a comprehensive architectural renovation.
Integrating the community center as an essential part of the neighborhood and its community.


Various civic participation processes in order to get an in-depth knowledge of the specific needs of the neighborhood residents in a various ages.
Providing a design solutions to all the needs of the residents of the neighborhood and center employees by creating a dynamic environment.
Developing a complete visual language for the center - Branding the center and structure with reference to the architectural history of the building that was built in the international style (1939) and its location in the center of Tel Aviv - the heart of a diverse urban community. The branding is based on the three basic forms (square, circle, and triangle - Bauhaus basic shapes), whereas the actual materials of the signs designed, refers to the stencil which is expressed in the street art of the city.
Signage and guidance within the building as a generator of the interior design and the unique atmosphere in the community center.
Integrating the visual language into all the different communication media in which the center communicates with the resident (social media, graphic publications, stationary etc.)

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