Satchmo Bar

Satchmo Bar

Private Clients
Interior design

A 15-year-old bar, which was housed in a small, intimate space, moved to a new and larger property down the street but wanted to maintain its unique and legendary character and the sense of intimacy that characterized the original space, all at a minimum expense and maximum preservation of existing materials.


An interior design process in which the partners and bar staff actively participated in the building of the new bar.
Cataloging all components that made up the old bar and incorporating them as part of the interior design of the new bar: the old bar floor was dismantled and the raw materials were used to build the furniture and counters (with the exception of the main bar counter which was custom built from oak); the old chairs were upholstered and adapted to the new bar; The lighting has been assigned a new place in the new location; the new display has been designed in accordance to the original one and combined elements from it. The mural that characterized the old bar has been repainted in an updated version and adapted to the new bar by the same artist who created the original iconic art. We created the intimate feeling by dividing the bar into two spaces separated by a dynamic partition and multiple dynamic seating areas.

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